How To Care For Your Asphalt Paving



Immediately after paving, allow 5 days curing time. After this time, your pavement is ready to drive on. However, you will want to avoid turning your steering wheel while sitting in one spot. Vehicle tires can sometimes cause scuff marks on your pavement. It takes another 12 to 16 months, until your driveway is completely cured.

To maintain mint condition of your driveway, you will want to sealcoat 2 years after paving, and then every 5-6 years. We recommend using the SealMaster LV product on your driveway. Sealcoating and crack filling periodically will more than double the service life of your pavement. A driveway that is left untreated will deteriorate much quicker without the proper care.

Care After Seal Coating

Allow at least 3 days after the final coat before driving on your newly sealed driveway. Vehicle tires will tend to leave marks on newly sealed drive, but they will eventually fade away. Avoid turning steering wheel while sitting in one spot.
After Sealcoating - Asphalt Paving in Gap, PA